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Nationwide Delivery! 

Welcome to Desert Creek Bulk Bees!

Whether you are growing your operation or reselling bees, we look forward to working together! We are one of America’s largest bulk suppliers of nucs, singles, double deeps, packages and brood, with decades of beekeeping experience. We raise and deliver the highest quality bees at the best possible value. To do this, we exclusively sell to customers who are purchasing 50-96 or more units at a time. 

We’re different from everyone else...

What our customers are saying...

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We purchased 100 double deep hives, and they were awesome. Made several splits from each, and they are thriving. Blake & team were so helpful with delivery, and answering all my follow up questions!

-Jacob L.


I highly recommend Desert Creek! We buy hundreds of 5 frame nucs each year to resell to our customers. Always happy, and our customers love the gentle Cordovans! 

-Charlie M.


We so appreciate the array of options when buying singles each year! We buy a few hundred each spring & summer and always pay the extra for marked queens! By far the most flexible and experienced folks we've worked with! 

-Nancy B.

Check out a short video about our sister companies, Desert Creek Honey & TBS! 

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