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Minimum order of 96 units

See for less than 96

Available April-September

Order Early! We will run out of stock each year.

With 3.5+ frames of brood, and 4.5+ frames of bees, these singles are ready to grow! Most singles have closer to 6-8 frames of bees, and are a box almost full of bees. 

Pallets are 4 way pallets with “W” clips & hot dipped in wax. Boxes will be painted various colors, with no significant rot. Lids will be painted or hot dipped in wax. While all equipment is completely functional, it will not look brand new, or as nice as freshly painted and built new equipment. If your goal is to save money while providing a great habitat for your bees, used equipment is perfect.

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*Price breaks at 201, 501 & 1001 units

Add a frame of brood (+$30.00)

Add marked queens (+$5.00)

Add early delivery (+$15.00)

Add late delivery (-$5.00)

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