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Pro Nuc

Minimum order of 96 units

See for less than 96

Available April-June

Order Early! We will run out of stock each year.

Our nucs are our most popular item! From the incredibly convenient pro nuc boxes, to the robust health & population of these nucs, they do very well transfering into deep boxes for growth, or reselling to your own customers! See below, or "About Our Bees" and "Our Difference" for more info! 

 We’ve sold tens of thousands of hives & nucs over the past few decades and understand what our customers need, and unique ways we can meet those needs. We never skimp on quality, remain extremely transparent, and are willing to challenge industry norms to make sure you are taken care of. 

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*Price breaks at 201, 501 & 1001 units

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Add a frame of brood (+$30.00)

Add marked queens (+$5.00)

Add early delivery (+$15.00)

Add late delivery (-$5.00)

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  • What is the minimum number of units I can purchase?
    In order to keep our costs as low as possible, we don't sell under 50 units. However, our sister company, does!
  • Can I combine quantites of different types of units to reach the next price break?
    Our pricing is structured to give you the best possible deal, but we can't combine quantites of seperate products to reach a price break. For example, a purchase of 50 nucs and 50 singles will not give you a quanity price break of 100 for each unit.
  • Do you treat for mites & diseases before sellng the hives/nucs?
    Yes! While we raise our bees using VSH bloodlines, we also carefully monitor varroa levels, and treat if they exceed 2 per 100 bees. We also use Strong Microbials on all our hives to help keep any foulbroods at bay.
  • How much stored honey will be in each nuc/hive?
    Our goal is for each nuc to have at least 1 frame of stored honey, singles at least 2, and doubles at least 4. If they have less than that, we'll be feeding! Some years hives will have more, or less, but our goal is to maximize brood, not honey.
  • Can I get nucs or hives earlier than early April?
    Possibly! If you need nucs or hives earlier than early April, let us know. It is somewhat weather dependent, but many years it is possible.
  • How do payment terms work if I order bees in the spring or summer, and want to pick up asap?"
    We highly encourage everyone to order as many months ahead of time as possible to guarantee we have enough, and the correct types of units available for you. However, we do build extras of all units and continue to sell April-September. If you order hives after April 1st, we ask for 50% down when you place the order and 50% when you pick up your order.
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