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Pro Nuc

Minimum order of 96 units

See for less than 96

Available April-June

Order Early! We will run out of stock each year.

Our nucs are our most popular item! From the incredibly convenient pro nuc boxes, to the robust health & population of these nucs, they do very well transfering into deep boxes for growth, or reselling to your own customers! See below, or "About Our Bees" and "Our Difference" for more info! 

 We’ve sold tens of thousands of hives & nucs over the past few decades and understand what our customers need, and unique ways we can meet those needs. We never skimp on quality, remain extremely transparent, and are willing to challenge industry norms to make sure you are taken care of. 

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*Price breaks at 201, 501 & 1001 units

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Add a frame of brood (+$30.00)

Add marked queens (+$5.00)

Add early delivery (+$15.00)

Add late delivery (-$5.00)


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