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Available April-June

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We understand that your needs & budget as a beekeeper vary. Many beekeepers are looking for the most economical way to get into beekeeping, or have time to allow nucs to grow to sell in the future. To accommodate that demand, we've created the "mini nuc" at almost half the price of a standard nuc.

The nuc comes in a 5 frame corrugated nuc box with a spacer to close off the unused area of the nuc box. The spacer can be removed & replaced with frames as the nuc grows!

We are essentially selling you a nuc that needs a few more weeks of growth before it's ready to resell or transfer into a single story hive. You caring for them & feeding them as they grow saves us money, which we pass on to you! 

See below, or "About Our Bees" and "Our Difference" for more info! 

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