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Singles in Your Equipment


Minimum order of 96 units

Available April-June


We offer this service primarily for commercial beekeepers. Typically, we are sent a semi load of singles on pallets, with lids, feeders, & 8 frames of comb. We pull out 4 frames of comb, and put 3 frames of brood and 1 frame of honey in the hive, add a queen, feed, treat for mites, and send them to you at the date you request. 

We discuss the strength of hive you need, and when you need it, and plan accordingly. 

Most of our customers need the singles in late May, or early June, but dates are negotiable. Contact us for more details, references, and the final price depending on what you need, and when you need them. 

See below, or "About Our Bees" and "Our Difference" for more info! 

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